All About Nail Trims

We are often asked questions about dog’s nail, including trimming frequency, benefits and services that we offer. Having your dog’s nails trimmed regularly is an important part of routine grooming.   

Reasons to Trim Dog Nails

Many times, we hear: “I have hardwood floors and my dog’s nails are driving me up the wall!”  Dogs that run or walk on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt are able to wear down their nails.  However, many dogs either spend most of their time indoors on carpet or run around in grass.  This means that their nails tips are not worn down regularly, which can lead to overly long nails.

Nails that are too long are at risk of being torn off, such as if your dog’s nail gets caught on carpeting or a piece of furniture.  This can result in an injury that might require a vet visit.  Longer dog nails also make it harder for dogs to walk around comfortably.  When your dog’s nails hit the floor constantly as she walks. this puts more pressure on the nail bed.  This pressure can cause discomfort that forces your dog to distribute her weight differently while she walks, which can affect the way her toe and paw joints are aligned.  Long unkept nails can also cause arthritis and ‘splaying’ or deformation of the bones.  Also, nails continue to grow and can begin to grow into the paw pad which may be hard to notice on dogs with furry feet.  This is very painful and at times results in a veterinarian visit.

how often to trim dog's nails


How often to get your dog’s nails trimmed?

This depends on the dog.  However, if your dog’s nails are touching the floor, they are ready for a trim.  Dog’s that do not get routine nail trims tend to have longer quicks, so it may seem like the groomer did not take very much off the nail.  Yet, if the groomer went any shorter, she/he would cut into the live part of the nail called the “quick”.

What is grinding the nail?

This is done after the nail is clipped.  A rotary tool such as a Dremel is used to “smooth and round out the nail”.  It gets a little closer to the quick making it a great way to get your dog’s nails as short as possible.

Good Dog Hotel and Spa takes walk in nail trims.  Our groomers are here at 7am during the week and at 8am on Saturdays.  So come on in when you need that service, it only takes about 5 minutes.  If you are needing to come in after noon just give us a call to make sure a groomer is still here.

Nail trim: $15

Dremel: $11

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