Good Dog’s Dearly Devoted, Part Two

Portia and Ginger Barr

Meet Portia and Ginger Barr, the second installment of our series on Good Dog’s longest-standing customers!

Every once and a while you hear stories of dogs overcoming all obstacles, and this is another one of those stories! At just 10 weeks old, Portia and Ginger were found under the White River Bridge by cyclists. Severely malnourished, the dogs actually had gravel in their little tummies from trying to eat rocks. Luckily, mom and dad Barr heard about the two pups through a mass email, so they went to visit the little black lab now known as Portia. Once they saw the duo together, they couldn’t resist!

These two lovely ladies started visiting Good Dog in 2005. Portia and Ginger are both Lab mixes, and even though they don’t look similar, they are definitely litter mates! While the girls like to pretend they are 5, they’ll celebrate their 10th birthdays in May. Ginger is the outgoing sister who wants all the attention, so when Portia gets some lovin’, Ginger is sure to squeeze her way into the mix to garner some attention.

Portia and Ginger both adore coming to daycare. As soon as they get the chance, they stick their noses through the gate and wag their tails in unison. If you ask the Good Dog staff to describe them, it only takes one word: sweethearts!! They live up to their title by always being polite, patient and calm. Whenever it’s time to take pictures or put on leashes, they both behave exceptionally well. The girls also love getting treated to a groom every few weeks. Ginger likes baths more than her sister, but they both behave like princesses for the grooming team — Portia just does not want to get her pretty little toes wet! According to mom and dad, they come to Good Dog because of the cleanliness of the facility and, most importantly, because they feel comfortable leaving their dogs in our hands — something they still appreciate to this day!

Back at home, Portia usually mans the top of the stairs, where she can see the street from her window. When she’s not on guard, she runs around stealing socks and checks to see whether Ginger has conned someone into a treat. Ginger is a big fan of food, and she’ll search for any morsel she can find. She’s also a big fan of chasing outdoor critters and alerting everyone whenever a dog walks by her house. Both girls love to howl and are avid hikers … They hit the trails pretty often and have been on every path in Eagle Creek!

We’re so happy that Portia and Ginger are in such a loving home with two great parents — they deserve every minute of the happy and comfortable life they’re living. Everyone at Good Dog is absolutely head over heals for this pair. No matter what they visit for — a hotel stay, grooming appointment, or daycare (their favorite) — they’re always the sweetest! Thanks for sticking with us girls!

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