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DIY: Dog-Friendly Easter Basket

Tired of your pup begging for your sweet Easter treats? This year, save the trouble by getting them their very own Easter basket! It’s super simple and your furry friend is bound to love it. Here’s how to make the perfect doggie Easter basket in just a few simple steps!            […]

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Tiki’s Story- Part 2 of 2

     The continuation of ‘Tiki’s Story’…           Although Tiki had spent so much time at the vet, he was only in the beginning stages of his recovery. For another month or so, Michelle, and some of the staff at that time, would take turns caring for Tiki. He still could […]

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He may or may not be superhuman…It’s still up for debate.

Just when we couldn’t be more proud of our Lucas and his running skills, he surprises us with another monumental feat and makes us love him even more! This year’s Mini Marathon took place Saturday, and Lucas finished the 13.1-mile course in 1:12, setting a HUGE personal record and confirming our suspicions that he might […]

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Tiki Taco – Behind the Music

Ok, so Tiki clearly isn’t a musician, and this isn’t a rockumentary about his trials and tribulations as a rockstar. (Although in our world, Tiki is definitely a rock god.) Actually, the blog title is an evil ploy to grab your attention and give you a glimpse into Tiki’s life. You may see him in […]

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A staff update!

Summer is closing in on us and for the staff here at Good Dog that means new additions! Before holidays or the busy summer time we like to bring on new employees to help with the extra work load. I’m sure you have seen some new faces around as we brought on around 5 people […]

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Good Dog’s Dearly Devoted, Part Two

Portia and Ginger Barr Meet Portia and Ginger Barr, the second installment of our series on Good Dog’s longest-standing customers! Every once and a while you hear stories of dogs overcoming all obstacles, and this is another one of those stories! At just 10 weeks old, Portia and Ginger were found under the White River […]

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