A look at Shih Tzu’s

In our fourth installment on popular dog breeds, we’re showcasing a small wonder with big eyes, big heart and a fierce underbite: the Shih Tzu! Good Dog currently has over 240 in our clientele, and they’re the 3rd most registered toy breed in the AKC. Originally from China, Shih Tzu’s are an ancient breed that […]

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Good Dog’s Dearly Devoted, Part Two

Portia and Ginger Barr Meet Portia and Ginger Barr, the second installment of our series on Good Dog’s longest-standing customers! Every once and a while you hear stories of dogs overcoming all obstacles, and this is another one of those stories! At just 10 weeks old, Portia and Ginger were found under the White River […]

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Good Dog’s Dearly Devoted. Part One

Coming next month Good Dog will celebrate it’s 7th birthday! We first opened our doors on March 12th of 2005. Since then there have been many changes, new decor, new staff, and plenty of new dogs.  In fact we currently have around 10,000 clients in our system! We wanted to give a special shout out […]

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Meet Laina the Husky, this week’s blog dog

  Hi! My name is Laina Labita — you might also know me as runner-up for “Best Bark” in Good Dog’s yearbook poll. I’m a beautiful blue- and brown-eyed husky with a gorgeous howling voice (so gorgeous that the Good Dog staff swears I’d be a Hollywood starlet if I were a person). I prefer […]

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Good news from the Good Dog groomers!

We’re all about family here at Good Dog, so when one of our nearest and dearest makes a big career move, we like to celebrate it and spread the news. This year, one of our veteran front-desk staffers graduated from Carmel’s Animal Arts Academy and became the newest addition to our grooming team. Veronique Brown […]

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Tiki’s Story

Since no one knows my real birthday, I have a Gotcha Day instead. It was the first day I arrived at Good Dog – Oct. 6, 2011, and I’ll never forget it for the rest of my life. My road to happiness was anything but smooth. Homeless, scared and running the streets, I was hit […]

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Good Dog honors a 9/11 hero!

It’s not often you get to meet an actual 9/11 hero, but we at Good Dog recently had the honor of grooming one. Kaiser Zintsmaster, a 13-year-old German Shepard, just visited Good Dog for his first professional groom before heading to New York to be honored for his work as a 9/11 rescue dog. He’ll […]

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