Good Dog’s Dearly Devoted. Part One

Coming next month Good Dog will celebrate it’s 7th birthday! We first opened our doors on March 12th of 2005. Since then there have been many changes, new decor, new staff, and plenty of new dogs.  In fact we currently have around 10,000 clients in our system! We wanted to give a special shout out to three ( out of many) families who have been with us since the beginning!

Gracie and Gus Turner

The Turners started bringing Gracie here when she was just a puppy in 2005. Gracie is a little Goldendoodle who came from a breeder in Lexington Ky and was born the same day the Turners actually lost their Retriever Charlotte. Gracie ran the house (and daycare at Good Dog) until her brother Gus came along in 2009. Gus was rescued from Lexington Ky as well where his mother was overbred and not properly feeding Gus. You would never guess he had a rough past though since he is such a loving sweet boy!

You probably have seen plenty of pictures of them around on our Facebook page and our website. Both of them love getting their pictures taken and it often seems when they do something cute that they are just waiting for us to see them with the camera. They come in for daycare Monday through Friday and right when they get in they got to their favorite spots. Gracie loves to perch herself on top of the crate, occasionally allowing other dogs to come snuggle with her, Gus loves to lay in the corner where he can oversee all the dogs in the small area and the big area. Every Thursday the pups get a spa day, Gracie is always ready and willing for her bath walking right in to the grooming room and hopping up on the table sitting patiently. While Gus on the other hand runs past the grooming room hoping no one will notice him if he just shrinks down low. After some sweet talk though from Veronique his groomer he can’t resist and jumps right up on the table to give her some kisses.

The Turners love having a standing grooming appointment here since having two doodles can be a lot of work! They also love that the dogs can come and get their energy out when they are at work and when they come home they can all rest and enjoy the night.

Back at home these pups have a pretty exciting life! Gracie keeps watch on the house, while Gus bounds around showing everyone his athletic side. They love visiting the lake house at Lake Wawasee where Gus insists on getting his fair share of rides on the wave runner. Gus and Gracie are also very fond of car rides, especially if it means coming to play with their friends at daycare!

Now between the two of them they have been here over 1,400 times in the last 7 years! Given that information it’s easy to understand why the staff here considers them a part of our family! When they walk in the door they get the “Cheers” style greeting of Gus and Gracie!! We love snuggling up to Gus and laughing over Gracie’s stubborn ways. You will always hold a big spot in Good Dog’s heart!

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