What a “Toe”-riffic Mutt!

What A “Toe”-riffic Mutt!

We have all heard that dogs can sense when something is not right, even when it comes to our health. Here is an amazing story that we came across this week about a dog who went that extra mile in making sure is beloved master stayed by his side.

Jerry Douthett, a 48 Michigan man, woke up on Saturday night in late July to find that his Jack Russell Terrier, Kiko, had chewed off his right big toe. Douthett said that Kiko always lays with him on the bed at night but when he awoke on this particular night he discovered that his foot was wet and bleeding. He then looked at Kiko who was looking right back at him with blood on his mussel.

Douthett’s wife rushed him to the hospital only to find that where their dog had chewed, there had been a massive infection caused by the Type 2 diabetes that Douthett was unaware of. The surgeons finished by amputating the remainder of his toe.

“The moral of the story is that the dog saved my life, because otherwise I never would have gone in to see a doctor,” says Jerry.

Even one of our Good Dog staff members can relate to this incredible story. Kara Poole works at our front desk and had this to say:

“My aunt had breast cancer a few years ago and before she was seen by our family doctor, her dog, Abby, would nestle under her right arm pit and scratch at her continuously. When she had discovered the lump and went to our doctor, she was told that night that the same spot Abby had been so fixated, was the same spot as the cancerous tumor. Abby knew that there was something that wasn’t right about that spot. This didn’t surprise me because Abby was a rescue and her bond with them has always been so unique.”

Article Courtesy of Kara Poole

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