Dress Up Your Pet Day 2019: Let’s Do This

Ways to celebrate Dress Up Your Pet Day, support pet adoption, and help local animal welfare organizations. Did you know January 14 is Dress Up Your Pet Day? And while it sounds like a whimsical day to have fun with your favorite furry friend, it’s much more than that. Dress Up Your Pet Day was […]

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Good Dog Hotel and Spa Found a Husky Mix early Monday, November 29, Morning! This guy was found wondering in Good Dog Hotel and Spa’s parking lot early Monday morning! He is a white and tan ShepardHusky mix approximately 1-1 1/2 years old. He is a neutered male, who seems very well taken care of! […]

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Meet Chewbacca!

Meet Chewbacca! Hi!! My name is Chubaka but my friends call me Chewy! The vet thinks I am almost 5 years old and that I am a mix between a Great White Pyrenees and a St. Bernard. On this one beautiful day, I showed up at a “roller derby meeting” at the “Circle City Socialites”. […]

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What a “Toe”-riffic Mutt!

What A “Toe”-riffic Mutt! We have all heard that dogs can sense when something is not right, even when it comes to our health. Here is an amazing story that we came across this week about a dog who went that extra mile in making sure is beloved master stayed by his side. Jerry Douthett, […]

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Congratulations Jordan & Gus!

Congratulations Gus and Jordan! Gus has been a long time visitor to the Good Dog Hotel and Spa! Gus is a handsome 2 year old Husky/Sharpei Mix. He was recently brought to us with the hope to find a new family. He only stayed with us for a short time before an employee decided he […]

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How we can participate in cleaning up the oil spill in the Gulf

Just last week, sent a report on ways to help clean up the gulf. Here is what happened: As oil continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico from the April 20th BP rig explosion reaching disastrous proportions, once again, man’s best friend, the dog, may be able to help. How Oil Spills are […]

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A Clean Dog is a Happy Dog – Guest Post by Butler Blue II

Happy Friday! There have definitely been some exciting things going on. After an amazing bulldog party last month, and some great Butler Blue II visits, Good Dog Hotel has decided, along with Blue’s Mom and Butler University, to become THE official grooming sponsor for Mr. Blue II. That’s right! Butler University’s beloved Mascot will be […]

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