Princess Pinky and her baby bunny

Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful princess named Pinky. She was a sassy princess, with big floppy ears, tri-colored fur and an obsessive-compulsive love of tennis balls. She spent most of her days running a very big doggie daycare, and at night she ruled her royal family (2 cats, 3 dogs and a frequent visitor named Tiki).

One day, Princess Pinky was playing in her backyard kingdom, per usual, when she spotted a tiny intruder. Being a very proud and protective princess, she immediately seized it … which did not sit well with the trespasser (aka a stray baby bunny). As screams and squeals came from the bunny’s mouth, loud enough for the queen to hear, Pinky proudly strutted to the back door of her castle. Upon showing her trophy to the queen, she was promptly (and poignantly) told to “drop it,” which she did.

The sweet princess hadn’t hurt the bunny, but she certainly scared the bejesus out of it. Fortunately the queen loved animals, so she scooped up the hare, calmed its anxiety, and placed it in a big fluffy box. Unsure of what to do, the queen raced to her big doggie daycare to devise a plan … and several royal subjects took this opportunity to pet and adore and love the bunny. After lots of searching and many phone calls, a lovely little kingdom named Avian Animal Clinic accepted the bunny, where they patched a tiny scrape on its ear, provided some necessary care, and released it back into a safe habitat – where it lived happily (and safely) ever after.

By Sammy and Mandy, authors extraordinaire

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