Our newest addition!

We’re happy to announce the newest (and tiniest) addition to our family …
Lucky Troy!

A week before Thanksgiving, our friend and co-worker Mary was driving home from church when she noticed a tiny speck in the middle of Troy Avenue. As soon as she had a chance to safely stop and turn around, she did – much to the surprise of her kids. When they asked why mom changed directions, she announced the need to investigate a little creature darting around busy traffic (which only elevated their excitement).

The speck was a very scared little dog, who was most certainly looking for help. As soon as Mary stopped and opener her door, he ran toward the car and jumped into her lap – as if he’d been looking for her all along.

The little man had no collar, no microchip, and some definite skin issues, but Mary and the kids immediately fell in love. After checking for lost pet ads, it became clear he was homeless and in need of a family. The first suggestion for his name was Hoggle (from the movie Labyrinth), but everyone decided Lucky Troy was more suitable.

After a visit to the vet for shots and some skin remedies, Lucky was estimated to be a Chihuahua mix (with adorably big ears) and about 6 or 7 years old. He bonded immediately with the kids and family cats, and spends most of his time at home “nudging” until someone snuggles with him, chewing on his toes, and lounging with the kitties.

At Good Dog, Lucky fits right in with his motley crew of brothers and sisters, and his aunts and uncles love him very much. When mom is taking care of hotel guests, Lucky monitors the kitchen and religiously follows Mary’s every move. (Adam is helping Mary and Lucky with some training and separation issues.) He also likes to play with the small kids in daycare, and he’s a very polite, sweet and social addition to the pack. We’re so glad Mary found him and gave him a happy home, and we feel “lucky” he’s part of our Good Dog family!

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