On the Market for a Best Friend

Looking for a best friend? We have the perfect pup just for you!

When we updated our website, we lost our previous blog on Buddy. However, we think he’s ‘oh-so-perfect’ and decided to write another. If you don’t already know about Buddy, you’ll soon find out why we love him so much. Buddy has been through a lot but since the first day we met him he has been the sweetest, most loving, perfect boy. He came to a long-time client of ours as a stray & in need of immediate medical assistance. He had a skin infection and really bad teeth. After a few rounds of antibiotics we saw a huge change in his fur/skin. His coat went from brown to a deep, bright red and his demeanor is sweeter than ever (if that’s even possible.) As of recently, a miracle happened. Buddy had a donor step forward to pay for the removal of a few teeth. Everyone who meets Buddy falls in love immediately, we know we can find him a forever home.

–For more information about Buddy take a look at his bio: https://www.gooddoghotel.com/adoption/


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