Meet Laina the Husky, this week’s blog dog


Hi! My name is Laina Labita — you might also know me as runner-up for “Best Bark” in Good Dog’s yearbook poll. I’m a beautiful blue- and brown-eyed husky with a gorgeous howling voice (so gorgeous that the Good Dog staff swears I’d be a Hollywood starlet if I were a person). I prefer being a dog though … and I’m a pretty darn good one, if you ask my daycare friends.


I’ve been hitting the daycare scene since 2009, and let me tell you something: I absolutely love it! When I hear that glorious “rattle” of my leash at noon each day, I do a little dance for my parents because I know it’s play time. And my excitement continues in the car ride to Good Dog … mom says my tail wags a mile a minute, and I’ll let out the occasional howl when I’m especially pumped.


Like all huskies I have a stubborn side, which is probably why I only enter daycare through “Door One” at Good Dog — that’s my routine and I’m stickin’ to it! But overall I’m just a sweet and loving little girl. Once I make my grand entrance, the big dogs know their “social butterfly” has arrived and it’s time to party.  I do a lot of talking and strutting, and I’m friends with just about everyone — our daycare gang has such a grand old time together.


And if you think my confidence and sass stops at daycare, think again. Like the rest of my breed, I don’t bark much … but when I do, you better pay attention. I am super fierce about defending my home and I let everyone know it!


According to moms and pops, my sass is only rivaled by my cuteness. They fell in love with me the second we met (and vice versa, of course).  As a 3-month-old baby husky, mom says I was just a tiny little ball of fluff with a spunky personality and beautiful  eyes. I mean look at my baby picture below … honestly, how could they resist??


Well, now you know a few tidbits about little old me. If you want to learn more, just swing by Good Dog and take a peek at me in daycare. I’m the big pretty husky that only enters and exits through Door One!




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