How adoption helps give back to the community

Do you ever wonder what happens to those pooches that are homeless? Have you ever seen a dog that you know by seeing him/her that they’ve had a rough life? What can we do to help these pups? Good Dog doesn’t really have an “official” adoption program, but we have done a couple of them as a way to give back. So far, we’ve helped two dogs find forever homes.



Jack was the first dog. Jack’s parents had to move because of a job change, and they couldn’t take him with them. They would’ve had to take him to a shelter or a pound had we not taken him in. We were excited to give Jack a place to stay.

We had our trainer work with Jack daily and were able to place him in the daycare to be sociable with the other dogs. We gave him lots of love and ended up having an amazing family adopt him.



The second dog we worked with was Ottis. Ottis came into our family when one of our staff saw him at just 8 weeks old, running across 38th street. He didn’t have any tags, a collar, or microchip, and he appeared to be abandoned. We took him to a vet, got him all of his shots and just like Jack, gave him lots of love!

Because he was so adorable and just a puppy, we found a home for him very quickly with one of our current Good Dog families. That means we get to see more of him as he grows up.

Regardless of a move or abandonment, we are passionate about helping dogs get the care and homes they need and deserve. This also makes for building a healthy and happy community. Have you ever run across a pup that you’ve taken in? We’d love to hear your story.  Email us or post a comment.

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