Good Dog’s 2011 Yearbook Poll

We’re fortunate enough to have many spectacular “regulars” here at Good Dog, and it doesn’t take long before they become part of our family. Our employees’ spouses often hear funny stories about these dogs after coming home from work at night, and many of our frequent fliers have earned nicknames over the years. We even go through doggie withdrawal if they don’t visit us for a few days!

With so many magnificent dogs and amazing personalities, we decided to make an annual Good Dog Yearbook, showcasing various categories like “Class Clown” and “Big Man on Campus.” After much thought — and plenty of debate — we designated dogs in 22 hilarious categories. Hope you enjoy our first annual Good Dog Yearbook!

Most Likely To Rule the World: Brutus Truitt
Nominees: Hoss Stuart and Ezra Patterson

Most Likely to Destroy the World: Tilly Brockway

Nominees: Chloe Shreiner and Cooper Towns

Best Duo: Chewbacca and Leia Darwin
Nominees: Butch and Annie Noone, Romeo and Sugar Blair, Wally and Darwin Houchin

Funniest: Scout Cloud

Nominees: Gracie Moses and Sailor Williams

Class Clown: Chloe Shreiner
Nominees: Fletcher Faux

Biggest Crush: Mandy Lee-Sadler & Sammi Deloach

Nominees: Juice Leary & Chloe Shreiner

Most Likely to Win a Nobel Peace Prize: Brutus LaEace
Nominees: Millie Welch, Bailey Duginske, and Juice Leary

Most Likely to Become a Hollywood Star: Emma Early

Nominees: Kalibur Kressin, Zoey Oatts, and Dexter Wallace

Teachers’ Pet: Sisi Young

Nominees: Lily Tully, Scout Faux, Gracie Moses

Best Bark: Monty Remen-Schneider

Nominees: Chewbacca Darwin, Rambo Dietzel, and Lana Labita

Best Hair: Dexter Wallace

Nominees: Chewbacca Darwin, Romeo Blair, Emmy Mazza and Penny Lane Meyer

Best Dressed: Cooper Baumgarder

Nominees: Willow Pachon and Pineapple Wilson

Most Laid Back: Juice Leary

Nominees: Martha Ball, Zoey Oatts, Rags Middleton and Buddy Young

Good Dog Spirit: Charly Harmeson

Nominees: Snickers Rothstein, Izzy Davidson, and Gigi Dorocke

Stomach of Steel: Clyde Towns

Most Likely to Fall Asleep at a Party: Hawkeye Byers

Best Smile: Gracie Moses

Prettiest Eyes: Emmy Mazza

Big Man on Campus: Rambo Dietzel

Nominees: Cooper O’Donnel and Oliver Lagrotte

Prom Queen: Millie Welch

Nominees: Gracie Moses and Emma Early

Prom King: Cooper O’Donnel
Nominees: Hawkeye Byers, Sailor Williams, and Buddy Young

Prom Prince and Prom Princess: Gus and Gracie Turner

Princess Nominees: Martha Ball, Lily Tully, and Annie Noone

Prince Nominees: Milo McKinley,Ezra Patterson, Scout Cloud, and Butch Noone

Class Presidents: Soldier and Oliver Lagrotte

Nominees: Luke Skelton, Bob, Kevin, and Teddy Sondhaus, Ike Blum

Beth Middleton
January 12, 2012 at 12:51 AM

This is HILARIOUS! We are laughing out loud that Rags was nominated for “Most Laid Back”. Either there has been a terrible mistake, or the little mongrel has a split personality and saves the good side for his time at Good Dog. This is the dog that used to run across the great room like a torpedo and ram himself into the back of the overstuffed leather chair, then hop up on the arm and bark and bark. Fortunately, that stage has passed. Unfortunately, others remain. THANK YOU for providing us with a great chuckle. P.S. Perhaps Rags could appropriately compete for “Best Kisser” next year along with the cute black pug (Cricket?) and others.

Catherine Young
January 12, 2012 at 1:24 AM

SiSi is Teacher’s Pet – I can believe it – She likes almost every person and dog – Her goal it to be liked by everyone. She loves to be coddled. You definitely know her personality.

Beth Middleton
January 19, 2012 at 11:42 PM

You probably don’t know this about SiSi, but she could EASILY win out for Best Dressed in her winter canine couture. The other dogs (and owners) in our neighborhood have a hard time keeping up. Rags also thinks she could be Prom Queen, Best Hair or Miss Congeniality!

Kristen LaEace
February 8, 2012 at 4:58 PM

Brutus says thanks for nomination! Very appropriate!

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