Another Succesfull Adoption!!

Hi everyone!!!
Remember me?
I’m Kramer!!!

I was posted on Good Dog’s website last week as the new “Adoptable Dog”. Well now, as you can see, I made it to “SUCCESFULL ADOPTIONS” because I already found a “FOREVER HOME”!!

For the ones that missed it; I’m a Chocolate Lab, approximately 1 year old. I was a stray, found approximately three months ago by a very nice lady in Carmel, IN. Unfortunately, she couldn’t keep me because she had two small children and already had two puppies!!!

I lived with this amazing family for three months while they tried to find my previous home. No one ever claimed me, so the lady asked for Good Dog’s help to find me a new “Forever Home”.

I love children and I also love other dogs. During my stay here at Good Dog Hotel, while I was looking for a “forever home”, I played in daycare every day!! Some call me “The Perfect Family Dog”!! Well, I got very lucky and I found “My Perfect Family”!!

Shannon & Wylie

My new mommy’s name is Shannon (she’s pictured above). She’s one of the amazing employees at Good Dog Hotel & Spa and she almost instantly fell in love with me! The first few days she would come and see me in my hotel room and would give me treats. After a few days, I met her dog Wylie and we became instant best friends!!! She went home and talked to her roommates and they all agreed I should come and live with them!!! Now Wylie is my brother!!

I’m so happy!!! And I know I’m one of the luckiest dogs on earth!!! I will be living in the Broadripple area and I will still be able to visit Good Dog Hotel for daycare and play-dates with my new friends!!!
See you guys around!!!

Article written by Veronique Brown

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