An early Christmas gift!

All of us at Good Dog were incredibly thankful this Thanksgiving, for many many things. But one of the biggest reasons? Our sweet rescue Duke found a fantastic forever home!

On the day before Turkey Day, Jessica Perry came to pick up Duke. We think Jessica is the perfect mom for our big boy. An Xavier grad who works in the Methodist ER, she is young, sweet, energetic and a runner – which is perfect for our athletic Duke! Growing up with Golden Retrievers gave Jessica a love of dogs (and plenty of experience too), but she knew she wanted a rescue for the very first dog of her own. She paid Duke a visit after finding him on Petfinder, and it was love at first sight for both! Even though she looked at several other rescue dogs that day, she came back for our Duke – and we are oh-so-thankful for that.

We are incredibly happy Duke was able to join his forever family before the holidays. He now has a loving mom who plans to run him regularly, a new family, and a big backyard with a fence. What a wonderful early Christmas gift!

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