All American Dogs!

In celebration of the 4th of July, Good Dog Hotel thought it would be a good idea to take a look at our country’s Founding Dogs! Many of America’s founding fathers were dog lovers, and since we all know that dogs are man’s best friend, these were some pretty special pooches!

George Washington was not only the father of our nation, but the father of the American Foxhound. In 1770 Washington imported a number of hounds from England and in 1785, he received a number of French Foxhounds from the Marquis de Lafayette. These hounds, carefully bred and maintained by Washington, are the founders of today’s American Foxhound. More than 30 hounds were listed in Washington’s journals including “Drunkard,” “Tipler” and “Tipsy.”

John Adams and wife Abigail also used their sense of humor in the naming of one of their dogs, who they called “Satan.” While “Satan” more than likely had a lot of unfocused energy, “Juno” (their other dog) captured the heart of Abigail. In one letter to her granddaughter Abigail wrote of “Juno,” “as if you love me proverbially, you must love my dog.” However, no such writing exists for the aptly named “Satan.” No records exist identifying either dog’s breed, so it is likely they were mixed breeds.

Benjamin Franklin’s son’s Newfoundland dog made quite an impression on one friend who wrote Franklin saying, “nothing shall tempt me to forget your Newfoundland dog.” This was during his time in Paris as America’s first ambassador there. Thomas Jefferson, another founding father, would later replace Franklin.

Thomas Jefferson became interested in Briards while serving as minister to France. He returned to the United States with a pregnant female named “Buzzy” who whelped two pups while crossing the Atlantic, thus starting his breeding program. Lafayette also sent Jefferson two Briards to help protect his sheep.

The “Presidential Pet” has often been a dog, and canines are by far the most popular choices for pets! Although a few presidents have has some rather interesting companions in the White House! Here are a few rather unusual presidential pets:

James Madison had a Macaw – Parrot
John Quincy Adams had an American Alligator
William Henry Harrison had a Cow & a Goat
James Buchanan had an Eagle
Abraham Lincoln had Nanny and Nanko the goats, a Turkey, a Horse, and a Rabbit
Benjamin Harrison had Opossums
Theodore Roosevelt had a one legged rooster!

Good Dog salutes all our founding Dogs (and pets) this 4th of July weekend! If you would like to learn more about Presidential pets, visit the Presidential Pet Museum!

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