A staff update!

Summer is closing in on us and for the staff here at Good Dog that means new additions! Before holidays or the busy summer time we like to bring on new employees to help with the extra work load. I’m sure you have seen some new faces around as we brought on around 5 people before our spring break time for the hotel, daycare and even the front desk.

A love for all animals is a must when working here, our managers put a lot of thought into every new hire before they bring them on to our team. When you are hired at Good Dog you are brought in to a family. We go camping together, support each other at races, have birthday barbecues, pool parties and more! The dogs become an addition to our own family’s as well. We have pictures of them on our phones, share their stories at home, and come in on our days off just to snuggle a few.

Now if you have been coming here a long time I’m sure you know some of our veteran employees by name now!
There is Lucas who works up front with his blond curls you can see from a mile away. He has been with Good Dog working in daycare, hotel and now front desk for over 6 years now!
Mary started working for us back in September of 2007. She knows just about every dogs name and is always snapping pictures in daycare and hotel.
Rebecca is the “mom” to everyone here at Good Dog since she started working with us in 2008. She usually can be seen giving kisses to all the small dogs in daycare.
Jenny is our office manager and started with us six years ago where she has done hotel, daycare and now you can see her at the front desk.
Sam our facility manager started out in hotel over 7 years ago! He now makes sure the building is in good shape, everything is stocked and he even takes on our Sunday hotel grooming.
Then you have our excellent general manager Michelle who was with Good Dog before it even had walls in 2005. She started out in daycare and now keeps everyone in line, employees and dogs alike.

Now I may be a little biased, but I know our staff is top notch! The love and compassion everyone here has for the animals is amazing. Sixteen of our employees have been with us for over a year. With that kind of experience you know your getting the best care for your dog! Check out our website to read up on our new employees!

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