A Day in the Life of Gunner Plavin!

Hi Everyone!!
My name is Gunner!

I’m a black Lab mix and I’m almost 3 1/2 years old! I’ve been coming to Good Dog Hotel & Spa since December of 2010 and I love it here!!

A day in my life at Good Dog, usually starts with a couple of hours in one of their luxurious suites. When I get here in the morning, I prefer to take a nap before the day’s events.

Then, my best friend Adam takes me out on the Monon Trail for a long and vigorous walk! During that walk, he teaches me how to walk on a lead properly, coaches me on how to behave around other dogs, reminds me how to sit and lay down, and all kinds of other cool tricks that I dog like me should know!!

I LOVE training with Adam!! He taught me how to be a “Gentleman Dog”and also taught my mommy how she can help me be a “Good Dog”. The staff here at Good Dog says that in all the time that I’ve trained with him, I’ve become a well-behaved and polite dog!

When Adam and I get back from our walk, I get to go play in daycare with all the other dogs!! I do best playing with the dogs in the afternoon after a vigorous walk. Even though I spent a lot of energy on my walk, I still have just enough to hang out with my friends. My best friend is Frankie, he’s a Doberman. Frankie and I play and hang out like boys do! I also like Juice; he’s a Black Lab like me, some say we almost look like twins!

That’s all for now!
Come meet Adam and I at Good Dog, we’d be happy to teach you some trick too!!

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