A Clydetastic Week at Good Dog

clydegooddogHowdy folks! My name is Clyde Towns. I’m a 3 and a half year-old yellow lab. I’ve been coming to Good Dog daycare for quite some time now. I just love the nice people over there. It’s a hoot! Plus, I’ve been told I’m a real “character…” always entertaining, and at times, a bit of a trouble-maker. However, I’m one of the most lovable dogs around, and I’m very proud of this. : )

I have to tell ya, one of my favorite things to do in the ENTIRE world is CHEW!! I’ll chew anything and everything. I know this is probably bad, but I’ve also been known to claim my territory with my female doggie friends during play, by chewing on their collars. That way, the other doggies know not to even go there. I also really like to chew on water bottles and the staff radios…if I can get to them. I know, I know! I just figure that if it’s within reach, it’s mine for the taking. Do you feel me on this? I know I can irritate the other owners a bit and even the Good Dog staff, but they are all patient and kind. Yeah, I make up for being a chewer in my ability to be so darn lovable!

I currently have three girlfriends up at the daycare. Lucy is my main squeeze. She actually belongs to one of the workers at Good Dog. She’s a black lab and super special. I also see Abby…she’s a yellow lab. Then, there’s Madeline. She’s a chocolate lab!

Regardless, I’m very playful and love to play with the other dogs, even if I am kind of ornery. I also like to jump up and give love nips to my favorite staff members on the ears!  I’m not aggressive at all, but I do have TONS of energy!

Come meet me anytime!

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