5 Fun and Easy Things to do with Your Dog this Winter

1. Stay inside and bake yummy treats!
This one you can never go wrong with. Our furry friends are always up for a tasty treat! Instead of going out in the cold, hang out with your pup inside and get to baking. There are tons of cool recipes on the internet for easy, affordable, home-made dog treats. For example, you could whip up some savory bacon-peanut butter bones, or some sweet pupcakes! 

2. Make some DIY Christmas Ornaments! For a fun way to do something festive with your pup, create some cool Christmas tree decorations together! Like in the picture above, you could make a salt-dough puppy paw print ornament. It’s super easy, all you need is some dough, and a furry puppy paw! These are even more special, because you will have something to remind you of your best friend, forever. 

3. Take a snow-filled hike! Although we may not always be super excited to embrace the cold, our dogs love it! Dogs love to investigate and sniff out new environments. With snow, comes new smells, textures, and temperatures. Hence why they enjoy rolling in it/ running through it so much. Snow is just one big toy for them to play with! 


4. Take pictures with Santa! During the holiday season, there are lots of places you can take your pups to get pictures made with Santa! How cute is that? Some pictures turn out totally adorable, and others will make you laugh for days. Either way, it makes for a great picture, and it would also create some awesome memories too! 

5. Cuddles and a movie marathon! Although this may be the most simple on the list, it still is a great way to spend the day with your pup. Believe it or not, some dogs really enjoy watching T.V. Netflix even offers a variety of dog movies such as ‘Bolt’, ‘Hotel for Dogs’, ‘Benji’, and many more! So turn on a good movie, get the snacks, and cuddle up with your dog for the day. 



   These are just a few of the fun things you can do with your pup this winter! At the end of the day, your dog really just enjoys any time he/she gets to spend with you. It’s simple. We don’t always think about it, but our dog’s worlds revolve around us. Even if they don’t need too much to be happy, we should still take the time out of our day to spend a little quality time with them. Whether that’s inside or outside, your dog will love it either way! It’s the thought that counts, and they will be forever grateful for the time spent. 


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