Winter Weather Walking

Does your dog ever get nervous or overly excited around bikes, kids, small fuzzy animals, or other dogs on walks? Take full advantage of the lovely winter weather! It is easy to stop taking your dog on walks when it gets cold, and the lack of exercise can lead to all sorts of behavior problems in the house. Walking in the chilly weather encourages you to keep your training sessions short and focused. As a bonus, many distractions that litter pedestrian pathways during warm weather are huddled by the heater in winter.



If you can teach good, calm walking habits while there is less foot traffic, it will be much easier for your dog to walk politely once everybody hits the Monon Trail to stretch out their legs! If your dog gets distracted during walks, feel free to give me a call. We can set up a lesson to teach good walking skills now so you are prepared for the spring! My next group class begins on January 30, and is largely focused on socialization and polite walking. I can be reached via phone at 255-2525, or you can email



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