Turner Is Going To His Forever Home Today!!!

Early January ’11, a little dog was found wondering around the Beechgrove Library. A Good Dog client came across the little black Cocker mix, and immediately fell in love with him. However, when she got home, her two Boston Terriers and cat had different opinions of him. She spoke to us about fostering him until he found a forever home, and we happily accepted!

Just recently we added Turner to our Website, sent out a Newsletter about him, and told as many clients as we possibly could! From word of mouth, a wonderful couple started calling to inquire about him! They immediately fell in love with Turner’s sweet face!

They made the decision to adopt Turner as soon as he heals from his neuter. They have been coming to visit Turner every couple of days since! Turner has been looking forward to the great new life awaiting him and today is his big day!! We will miss you Turner but we’re so happy to see you go to your forever home!!

Article Written by Veronique Brown

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