Top 10 Best Moments of 2013

There’s no arguing that we’re the luckiest people on earth … We serve thousands of lovable dogs (and their equally lovable owners) and witness some amazing milestones. So we couldn’t help but list our Top 10 Best Moments of 2013. (Heads up, we couldn’t narrow it to 10, so this is long but worth it!)

Our handsome Boris becomes a therapy dog!

Mary rescues Lucky from dodging traffic (and later adopts his big sis Diamond).

Tiki Taco does some fierce pouting in his Halloween costume.

Alvin finds a comfortable spot in daycare.

The most fantastic people rescue our strays, including Buddy (who is now a very happy family man named Rudy), not to mention Civil, Rufus, Maggie Moo, Axel, Tripper and all the other pups you helped save!

Michelle saves a baby bunny’s life, and we get to snuggle it.

Dolly the Pom + head-tilt = omg.

Serious plotting amongst our “littles” … future plans for world domination?

We attempt Christmas pictures this year (and tiny Mario charms the heck out of us, as usual).

We learn Pollo, king of daycare, is camera-shy (which only makes us love him more).

Millie reads to kids every Tuesday at Glendale Library.

Our front desk staff uncover this photo of what Tiki “might’ve” looked like as a puppy, and we obsess over it for days.

Sassafras the Norfolk pup (lil sis to our beloved Tucker) enters our life.

We rescue and adopt out our first kitten!

Roo exists (and assists the front desk staff for a day).

Our customers don’t write us off after we make a huge to-do over Tiki’s DNA results.

Trip (aka Butler Blue III) grows up into the most handsome man!!


Pugs in a tub!! (And every other adorable moment we get to experience every day, courtesy of you and your dogs! Thank you all for another great year!!)

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