They love me because I’m Jasmine

Good Dog Hotel and Spa has been a home away from home for me for many years. I just love all the staff there!  They’ve been so good to me.

Hi! My name is Jasmine Allman. I’m 3 ½ years old, and I’m a Jack Russell Terrier. I not only get to go to daycare and play with all my pooch pals, I also get to stay in the hotel every once in a while when my parents go out of town. It’s so awesome because they treat me like a queen! Some people say I’m very friendly. I just really love people, especially friendly ones.

A special thing about me (and most Jack Russells) is that I can jump VERY high. I don’t ever jump over the fence, but I’ve sized it up and bet I could if I wanted to!

Even though I’m a smaller dog, I typically play in the medium dog area because all my friends are bigger than me. I play most often with Millie, Sophie, and Tess. They’re like three and four times my size, but that doesn’t stop us all from having a good ‘ole time!

I like to nap during the middle of the day because I get a little worn out from all the running around and jumping with my friends. So, when I do get sleepy, I have my own special shelf I like to hop on where no one will bother me. It’s my favorite place to take my afternoon nap.

I’m really happy my parents let me go to Good Dog Hotel. It’s way better than being at home all day!

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