The Holidays are Here!

Here they are already… it’s “The Holidays”. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, turkeys have been ordered for the big day and the guests whether friends or family have it on the schedule.

Thanksgiving gatherings seem to be centered around food and if you are a dog owner there is always a dilemma when those big brown eyes look up at you with the cutest ever smile, just wondering about a little tidbit of all that good food as a snack.

In the midst of all the “don’t include your dog in the Thanksgiving feast” articles out there I’m going to tell you that there are in fact foods you can give your dog that are included in your holiday meals. You just need to be aware that there are some foods that are absolutely no no’s.

Elements to the Best Thanksgiving Day Ever

Lets back away from thoughts of the table and food for a second and start with a few things you can do to make this Thanksgiving the best ever for you, your family, friends and your dog. Recent statistics say that the average person gains between 7 and 10 pounds during the holidays. The time of year dogs gain weight has not been so closely studied, but the fact of the matter is dogs are indeed gaining weight and over 40% of dogs are obese.

Since food is going to be a result of the festivities for the day, think calories in, calories out. Start your day out by burning some calories right off the bat.

Going for a walk or run even if you have to get bundled up will be refreshing and will give some room for those extra calories that come into play. For your dog it’s also going to burn some energy that will help with the appearance of your calm well mannered dog when the company arrives!


Food For the Dog



So what is okay to feed your dog and what isn’t?

Let’s start with the calories idea again. If you are going to give your dog a bit of a treat with some Thanksgiving fixings cut down the amount of kibble you would normally feed. If your dog has a few pounds to lose this is really an important part of the overall long term health picture for your dog.


Don’t give your dog under any circumstances:



* Turkey skin – it is too rich and fatty and can cause pancreatitis
* Cooked bones of any type – cooked bones, especially fowl bones can splinter and cause intestinal bleeding or worse.
* Grapes – toxic to dogs causing kidney failure
* Raisins – the same as grapes, kidney failure
* Chocolate – can cause what would basically come down to heart attack symptoms
* Onion, Garlic and Alcohol – also just simply not good for the dog.
* Gravy – Rich like the turkey skin with pancreatitis a possibility


Foods you can give your dog (in small quantities):



* Yams
* Green beans
* Turkey (skinless)
* Apple
* Cranberry
* Pumpkin
* Turkey broth
* Sweet potatoes


Have fun with your Thanksgiving and yes, your dog can be included in the festivities!!


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