Rigby Hill

Owner: Amy Hill

Good Dog offered something different with their training techniques that no other trainer had offered. They took time every week for a pre-conference of how the week had been since we had seen them and worked through my questions and concerns. The trainer was available by phone or e-mail to help me if something happened at home or if I just needed clarification on my “homework”. Through our training, Rigby has grown so much and worked through many of his fears, and is becoming a more confident, happy dog. We still have a lot of work ahead of us before he completely desensitizes, but I know he will get there.

What I appreciate most about the training at Good Dog was the time they took to really understand where I was coming from and to help me see where I needed to be. I really believe that a good trainer trains you as much as the dog; and that’s what Good Dog has accomplished.

Oliver LaGrotte
Owner: Gina LaGrotte

My name is Gina LaGrotte, and I’ve been brining my pups Soldier, Annie and Oliver to Good Dog for 4.5 years.

In the early spring of 2011, I adopted my youngest Great Pyrenees, Oliver, at 8 months of age. Once I realized Oliver was in need of some manners, I spoke with the resident trainer at Good Dog, and he gladly extended his help to the both of us.

The trainer worked with Oliver for several months, and all I can say is, “wow!” What a difference they have made in our household! By the time Oliver was 1 year old and 90 pounds, his manners were amazing. Each night upon picking my pups up from daycare, I arrived to find a report card from Good Dog waiting for me, with details of how the day went. They spent a lot of time with Oliver, and I could tell he genuinely cared about the welfare of my boy. I highly recommend Good Dog Training for your pup, not only for his experience with all breeds, but for his mindfulness and passion for his career. It speaks volumes through my Gentle Giant Oliver.

P.S. The staff at Good Dog are kind, courteous and well-trained, and I feel very comfortable leaving my pups in their care.

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