They say that some couples, the more time they are together, the more they start to look and act alike. What’s more, that these similarities are part of what attract us to another person in the first place. But is the same thing true of how we choose our pets?

Laid-back people would naturally like a laid-back dog for a companion, while more athletic, outdoorsy types pick equally active dogs. That’s to be expected, but did you ever notice a person and their dog that actually looked alike? Made the same facial expressions, had the same hairdo?

Some of our own staff at Good Dog bear resemblance to their Doggies! Like Chad and Domino’s matching bright smiles, Kara and Zappa’s curly hair, and Kim and Marahute’s big blue eyes. And, I will grudgingly admit, my dog Pixie and I share some matching grey hair on our otherwise dark heads!

Take a look at some of these dogs and their doppelganger owners, and you’ll see that some pairs (regardless of species) are simply meant to be!

Article written by Jenny Smith

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