Rescued Dog Returns To Sea.

In January 2010 off the coast of Poland, what did a passing research ship find floating by on a sheet of ice?? But a shivering, frightened dog!

How he came to be trapped on the ice floe is uncertain, but two days before his rescue he was seen floating down the Vistula River, where firefighters tried but failed to save him.

He then traveled 15 miles out to sea! The crew of the research ship, Baltica, then performed the difficult rescue, which was set back repeatedly when the scared mutt kept falling into the icy water.

Many people stepped forward to adopt the dog after his rescue, but he rejected them all! The crew member who pulled him out of the water, Adam Buczynski, decided to keep the dog, which he aptly named Baltic. Now he says Baltic is his faithful companion, even accompanying him to the bar for beers!

Baltic has returned to sea a year later, as the ship’s mascot and pet. He still shows a little anxiety when the waters are rough, but sails quite happily with his crew when it is calm.

He stays on land with friends for long missions though! Overall, this brave little dog has proven himself to be a hero, regaining his sea legs after such a terrifying ordeal.

Article Written by Jenny Smith

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