Puppy Landslide

Usually, a litter of 8 or 9 is considered large, but for a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Etana in Germany, the phrase “large litter” was redefined when she gave birth to 17 puppies.

This was Etana’s second litter, the first yielding 8 puppies, which is a common number. More uncommonly is that all 17 of this litter survived, and were all born naturally, over a 26 hour span! She did need some help nursing the pups, which her owners took over with bottles of special milk for several weeks, leaving both canine and human guardians exhausted but happy.

Etana’s owners found their home full to bursting as the puppies grew; their living room taken over by a giant box to hold them all. They were all given African names, being an African hunting breed, but the owners still struggled to keep them all straight, understandably! They hope to find homes for most of the pups, but only with families with children and not with breeders. As of December, 6 of the pups had found homes.

Article written by Jenny Smith.

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