My typical day at Good Dog Hotel & Spa: Through the eyes of Hawkeye Byers


Ruff Ruff! My name is Hawkeye Byers. I’m a 4-year old Weimaraner. I thought it may be a good idea to let you humans know what a typical day is for ME at my home away from home, Good Dog Hotel!

You see, I’ve been coming here for years. Nearly everyday, my mom drops me off so she can go to work. At Good Dog, I get to see my favorite pooch friends and the folks who are so kind and attentive to me…because I LOVE attention. I’m not ALL about attention though…

Good dog has special play areas for small doggies and big doggies. I know I usually fit in the big dog area, but unlike the other dogs here, I know how to open the gates so I can pretty much play in whatever area I want! This leads me to my favorite morning spot: It’s pretty safe to say that I’m still sleepy when I first come in. Sure, I love how everybody welcomes me and I love my pooch pals, but my favorite thing to do in the morning is make my way into my favorite area which just so happens to be with the small dogs for a morning nap! They don’t seem to mind me catching a few zzzz’s even though I’m a big dog. After all, I need to get rested for play time!

After I catch up on some sleep, I’m ready to play with my pals. They’re so fun. I’m not a trouble maker, so we all get along really well. We run around and play with balls and toys. It’s really exciting to see new pups and dogs come in because I love to make new friends. I LOVE to have my belly scratched and get special attention from my human friends too.

After lunch, I like to take some more dog naps, then I get up and play some more. When 5pm rolls around I’m exhausted and I can’t believe how the day has flown by. Then my mom comes to get me and I am so excited to see her! I run through the front door, and jump into the car and I can’t wait to do again tomorrow!

That’s MY typical day. I love Good Dog Hotel & Spa. My dog years wouldn’t be the same without them.

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