Most Expensive Dog in the World!

Most Expensive Dog in the World!

First there was Lancelot Encore, a Labrador cloned from a Florida family’s deceased pet, Lancelot, for which they paid $155,000. Now there is Yangtze River Number Two, a Tibetan Mastiff who was bought last year by a young Chinese millionaire, known only as Ms. Wang, for a cool $582,000! In the Western world, a Tibetan Mastiff costs around $2,000, being a rare breed. In China they fetch even more, where they are highly valued for their guard dog skills. Ms. Wang was quoted as saying, “Gold has a price, but this Tibetan Mastiff doesn’t.”

Wang brought Yangtze home to China’s Shaanxi province, welcomed by hordes of dog lovers, and escorted by a motorcade of 30 black Mercedes-Benz cars. She also plans to mate Yangtze with another Tibetan Mastiff that she owns. It just goes to show that for the most devoted dog lover, price is no object!

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