Moscow’s Most Unlikely Subway Riders

After the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, the new Russian capitalists began moving all the industrial complexes inside the city to its outskirts, and with them the scores of homeless dogs that used them for shelter. With this relocation, the dogs had to find a way to get back to the city each day, and thus to food! The dogs began riding the Moscow subway.

These amazing dogs have not only learned which train to take into the center of town, but also which to take back home at night, all without missing their stops! While in town they begin what is called their “urban hunt”. Patrons of food vendors find themselves startled by a barking dog behind them, which causes them to drop their newly purchased dinner, which then becomes the crafty canine’s dinner! The dogs have been at this for so long now, they have actually honed the skill to determine which types of people are most likely to drop their food when frightened. Sometimes they just scan the benches for a hot dog-toting child to give the puppy dog eyes to, getting some affection and a full belly.

After their day of “hunting”, bellies full, the tired doggies wait patiently for their trains, often choosing the first or last cars that are less crowded, and sleep off the commute home. Just another day at the office!

Article written by Jenny Smith

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