Microchip Brings Pomeranian Home Safely!

“Microchip Brings Pomeranian Home Safely from Adventure Across the U.S.”

With the Summer being halfway through and the beautiful weather allowing us to take our pooches to the lake, the park, or even the beach, Good Dog Hotel and Spa thought it would be a good idea to stop and think about the benefits of micro-chipping your dog. While we enjoy taking our dogs to fun and exciting destinations, micro-chipping your dogs increases the chances of finding your doggie in case he gets lost during one of those ventures.

This pup’s name is Sophie and here is her story:

A dog that ran away from its home in Arizona was found safe and sound Wednesday in Oregon. Shannon Reyes said she never thought she would see her Pomeranian named Sophie again, but someone found the stray dog near Hillsboro — 1,300 miles away from its home. The dog was dropped off at the Bonnie Hayes Animal Shelter. “I always kept up hope, at least, that maybe someone was taking care of her,” Reyes said. “But after eight months, I figured she was gone.” It’s not clear how the dog made it to Oregon. Deborah Wood, a spokeswoman for the animal shelter, said the workers used the dog’s microchip to track down the owner. “Sophie had some sort of incredible adventure; (we’re) not sure of all the details,” she said. “If this little dog didn’t have a microchip, there’s no way to know who was waiting for her or who she belonged to.” Unable to afford the flight to Portland, Reyes said she wasn’t sure how to get the dog back home. People living in Arizona, however, saw her story and pitched in to help pay for her flight. One woman donated all of her frequent flier miles to help. “To think there are people out there who watch and want to help, I’m grateful,” Reyes said. “It’s a miracle. It’s amazing. I can’t believe eight months later that she’s finally coming home.” Workers at the shelter said people living in other states have also done what they could to make sure Sophie was reunited with her owner. “A very lovely stranger from California paid for the dog to be able to have her fees paid.” Wood said. Reyes flies in to Portland on Saturday. Managers at the animal shelter stressed the importance of having pets micro-chipped so they can be reunited with their owners.

Article Courtesy of Veronique Brown

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