Meet Zoey!!!

Hi Everyone!!!

My name is Zoey!!! I will be celebrating my very first birthday in the next few weeks!!! I’m an English Bull Terrier and everyone at Good Dog thinks I’m a “Super Model”.

The staff at Good Dog says I’m a very good girl! I’ve been visiting here since May 2011. I occasionally stay in their luxurious hotel and I come to daycare about once or twice a week! I’ve been told I’m also a very pretty girl and I’m proud to represent my breed!!

Since we’re talking about my breed, let me enlighten you on a few fun facts! Bull Terriers are known for their large, egg-shaped head and their small triangular eyes. As you can see in my pictures, I have that funny head too!!

Also, you may have seen some of my fellows in commercials on TV!! In the 80’s we became famous in the Budweiser commercials and more recently a pretty white Bull Terrier (with a red bulls-eye) became the mascot for the Target stores!!!

Our character is generally described as fun-loving, active, and clownish. The people here at Good Dog say I am all of those things!! I LOVE to play in daycare with my friends and I’m pretty much the “Daycare-Clown”!! I get along with everyone; all the doggies big & small are my friends!!! I play very hard especially with my best friends Murphy (a Border Collie), Wrigley (a Visla), and Pinky (a Wire Fox Terrier). Pinky is also of “Super-Model-Quality” and she insisted on posing with me in one of my pictures!!

That’s all for now! Come play with me in daycare!!

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