Meet Vito Browning!!

My name is VITO!!!

Some of you may recognize my famous first name! I was named after “Vito Antonio Andolini Corleone” (also known as Don Corleone, or The Don) from “The Godfather”, a legendary novel written by Mario Puzo and also the well known trilogy of films based on the novel made by Francis Ford Coppola. Vito was portrayed by Marlon Brando in The Godfather and by Robert De Niro in the Godfather Part II. Another important fact is that Vito Corleone was named as “The Greatest Movie Character in History”!!!

In The Godfather, Vito Corleone is the head of the “Corleone Crime Family”, the most powerful Mafia family in the New York City area. So, my name is very famous and represents a strong character!!

Okay, enough about the famous Vito, let’s talk about me now!!

I’m a 2 ½ year old Black Lab Mix and my mom rescued me from The Humane Society here in Indianapolis! She’s been bringing me to Good Dog Hotel & Spa since last summer and I absolutely LOVE IT here!!! She brings me here to daycare on a regular basis. I come in at least once or twice a week and I have TONS of friends in daycare! Every dog in the “Medium” and “Large” area likes me!! I’m not sure if it is because of my “Super Cool & Powerful” name but EVERYONE is super nice to me!!!

As you can see in my pictures, I’m a handsome young man and I love to smile for pictures! I’m sweet and very well behaved too, says the staff here at Good Dog!!

Occasionally, my mom also brings me here to stay in Good Dog’s luxurious hotel! I enjoy staying for overnights because the staff always spoils me so much!!! Usually, when I get picked up, my mom will give me a bath in their convenient “Self Serve Bath Area”! Those are the times I really need a bath, I play almost 24 hours a day when I stay in hotel!!! I just can’t get enough!!

That’s all for now!! If you want to meet me, come see me in daycare! I’m very friendly and I love meeting new dogs and people!!

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