Meet Snickers!!!

My name is Snickers!!

I’m a girl and I’m 1 ½ years old. I’m a beautiful German Sheppard Mix!

My parents adopted me from the Hamilton County Humane Society when I was a pup. I’ve been happily living with them in Carmel, IN ever since the day they rescued me.

They gave me the coolest name don’t you think? It’s Snickers!! Like the delicious candy bar!! I think they also gave that name to me because I’m always the life of the party anywhere I go!! I like to “snicker” when I see that people are having fun because of me, I just have a smiley face!!!

I’ve been coming to Good Dog Hotel & Spa since October of 2010 and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT HERE!!! I LOVE TO PLAY!!! We have this “Little Girls Club” in Daycare, NO BOYS ALLOWED!!! All of us girls are approximately the same age and we play all day long!!

Gwenny is a Chocolate Lab, Reagan is a German Shorthaired Pointer, and Millie is a Black Golden Doodle. The four of us are quiet the team!! We always play in the big area, chase toys, run around and gossip (like girls do), and we also love to play tag!

That’s all for now! Come meet me at daycare!! I love to meet new dogs and maybe there’s still room in our “Girls Club” for another member, who knows??

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