Meet Scout!!

My name is Scout Cloud!

I’m a black Shih Tzu and I’m almost 9 months old! If you’ve ever seen me in action, you’d sure believe that I am quite possibly one of the happiest & cutest dogs on this “doggone” earth!!!

I visit daycare at Good Dog Hotel & Spa very frequently and everyone instantly smiles when they see me!! It’s my cute face (my adorable under-bite) and my always enthusiastic attitude!! In daycare, I have plenty of friends!! I play in the small area with doggies my size and ALL of them are my friends!!!

My two very best friends are Izzy & Ezra. Izzy is a Shorkie (a Schnauzer – Yorkie Mix), her personality is much like mine; she’s always very happy and super playful too!! Ezra is a Puggle Mix and he’s very outgoing just like me! The three us of have tons of fun in daycare and we recently started a little club called: “The Happy Pups”!! Basically our motto is to keep everyone happy and smiling – humans & pups!!

Occasionally, my mom will have me stay at Good Dog’s “Luxurious Hotel” and sometimes I get really lucky and I get one of their luxurious Spa treatments too!!! I really love it here and the staff says I’m one of their favorite dogs!! That’s all for now, I have more playing to do!!! Come see me in daycare, I love meeting new dogs!!

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