Meet Sara Fairman!!

Hi Everyone!!

My name is Sara Fairman and I’m one if the senior dogs at Good Dog Hotel & Spa!!!

I’m a 14 year old Beagle – Jack Russell Terrier Mix and for my age I’m still pretty spunky!!

I’ve been coming to Good Dog’s daycare, for almost 6 months and I like it here. My parents know I really don’t like being home alone so they bring me here to socialize with the other dogs and with their wonderful staff!!

My favorite thing to do in daycare is mingle with the smaller dogs. They don’t intimidate me and they like that I’m older so I can show them tricks!! My second favorite thing, is being pet by the employees.

Every day, when my mom or dad drops me off, I always make a point to greet everyone behind the front desk before I walk into the daycare door. I like to know who’s here and what to expect before I go in!!! An old girl like me really doesn’t like surprises that much!

As you can see in my pictures, I’m quite a pretty girl. I’m a chocolate brown with a snowy white color. But I’m very modest about my looks and a little camera shy too!! Who would’ve thought an old girl like me would make it on a website??

That’s all for now!
Come see me at daycare!! Everyone thinks I’m super-sweet!!

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