Meet Romeo & Sugar!!

Our names are Romeo & Sugar.

Want to guess who’s who?

Think hard…

Think harder…

Got any ideas??

Yes!! You are correct!

I’m Romeo and I’m the charming boy in the picture on the right.

And I’m Sugar, the little lady-dog in the picture all the way to the left.

(Since Romeo is such a gentleman, he will be doing the talking in this blog!!)

I believe my parents named me Romeo because I am an incredibly charming man and more than that, I’m extremely handsome. I’m almost 7 years old and my breed is a Borzoi. A lot of you readers may not know much about a Borzoi so I will be happy to give you some interesting information.

The Borzoi is also called the “Russian Wolfhound” and descended from dogs brought to Russia from central Asian countries. As you can see in the middle picture, I’m similar in shape to a greyhound… I just have a lot more hair…Therefore, the word “Borzói” is a Russian adjective that means “fast”. The borzoi is a quiet but athletic and independent dog. Most Borzois are almost silent, barking very rarely. I fit that description exactly but I did want to add that I am the sweetest Borzoi of all the Borzois in the world!!!

My little sister, Sugar, is a Maltese and she’s almost 4 years old. She’s very sweet and she does most of the talking between us. She barks often because she likes to speak her mind and be heard!

We’ve been coming to Good Dog Hotel & Spa since 2007. When we visit Good Dog, we usually stay in the hotel. As a matter fact, before my little sister came along; I lived at Good Dog for almost 6 months!! My parents were moving and didn’t want to put me though the confusion of switching houses. They thought I would be much happier here at Good Dog Hotel & Spa. I love it here!!

Now that I have a little sister we share a room when we stay. Usually I’ll lie down on a blanket and since Sugar is so small, she nuzzles herself in my fur and stays warm and cozy that way. The staff thinks that is really cute and likes to walk by our room just to see us cuddling.

While we stay here, we also play in daycare everyday. We both really enjoy it. Sugar usually plays in the small area with dogs her size, while I usually bounce around. I enjoy hanging out with the big dogs but sometimes I wander over to the little dog area to make sure everyone is treating my sister right!!

At the end of our stay we always enjoy being groomed. As you can imagine, it takes the groomer some time to brush all my pretty hair but I always look gorgeous when I’m finished. My little sister usually looks very cute and puffy after a groom. Don’t tell her I said this, but she kind of reminds me of a cotton ball when she gets groomed!!

Okay…That’s all for now! Come visit us at Good Dog!! We love meeting new dogs!

Article Written by Veronique Brown

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