Meet Ranger Sigman!!

Hi Everyone!!
My name is Ranger and I am a 4 ½ year old FRENCH SPANIEL!!!

Most of you are probably unfamiliar with French Spaniels because they are very rare in the United States, so here is some very interesting information for all my potential fans out there!!

The French Spaniel was developed in France as a hunting dog and descended from dogs of the 14th century. My breed was very popular with royalty during the Middle Ages and became nearly extinct by the turn of the 20th century. It was barely saved by a French Priest!!

The French Spaniel is one of the largest Spaniel breeds and typically has a white coat with brown markings and let’s not forget to mention that we are very super handsome!!! Look at my pictures, I’m a looker!!

My breed is recognized by the Canadian and International Kennel Clubs but not by The Kennel Club (UK) or the American Kennel Club.
The French Spaniel was almost unknown outside of France until it was introduced in Quebec, Canada in the 1970’s.

My dad said that he went on a long term search to find me. He finally found me at one of the only breeders in the United States in Minnesota!! My biological parents are from Canada, so technically I’m French-Canadian!!

I was named Ranger because my dad wanted to name me a French boy’s-name. My name is actually pronounced “Rangé”. Dad said he was very excited when he found me and that I was shipped from Minnesota to Indianapolis, which is where I live nowadays!!

I’ve been coming to Good Dog Hotel & Spa since the spring of 2008. I absolutely love it here!!! I come to daycare several times a week and I have many friends that I’ve know for a very long time. Three of my best friends are Calvin; a rowdy Boston Terrier, Emma; a beautiful Yellow Lab, and Sam; a very pretty Golden Retriever. I play with Calvin when I feel extra energetic; we run around the daycare-room and have a great time playing ball and tag!! Emma & Sam are my two “Lady-Friends”. We like to take walks together and talk about our great doggie-lives that we lead.

Occasionally, my dad brings me to Good Dog for a luxurious hotel stay. I like staying at their hotel it’s my personal little vacation retreat!! I get treated with room service and lots of extra attention from the staff-members!!

Okay, that’s all for now… I just saw Emma walking in the daycare door, so it’s time for me to go play!!

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