Meet our Tebow — one that will never be traded!

We hope you enjoy this week’s blog, which is actually our first Guest Blog. Written by Craig and Wanda Anderson about their handsome St. Bernard mix ‘Tebow,’ it was so fun to read that we decided to print it word-for-word. Enjoy!

We adopted Tebow from Indy Animal Care and Control on October 26, 2010. He was 10 months old and had been turned in as a stray. He is indeed named after Tim Tebow, but unlike his namesake, our Tebow will NEVER be traded! Because of his one-of-a-kind looks and personality, we were curious enough to order a DNA test. The results came back just as the shelter has guessed — he is a St. Bernard and American Foxhound mix, and he most certainly shows the laid-back personality of a St. B and a foxhound’s zero-tolerance policy for rodents! Unfortunately, our backyard squirrels have figured out they can easily stay out of his reach in trees and wires, so they tease him mercilessly.

We’ve worked to teach him basic commands, such as “sit,” “stay” and “down and stay,” and he even knows how to shake and high-five. We’re working on the Florida Gator Chomp and, of course, Tebowing (this one is taking some time). His favorite things are car rides and he goes with us everywhere, always in the front passenger seat (whether or not someone else is in it). He often stays in the car for nap, even when it’s parked in our driveway. We have several videos of us trying to lure him out of the car, which should be great evidence if anyone accuses us of neglect for “locking” him in the car. Always the sweetheart, he loves to “help” visitors and fancies himself quite the assistant to any workmen and cleaning ladies in our home. Our mail carrier is also very fond of Tebow — she gives him at least three treats if he’s in the yard when she comes. If not, she leaves two on the doorstep for him.

Tebow’s beautiful long legs give him a definite advantage when he’s cruising for snacks in the kitchen. There’s no need for him to put his paws on the counter — he can just life his head and run his tongue along the edges. In fact, to sneak scraps from the kitchen table, he actually has to lower his head a bit. Before we were used to his special height and talents, he managed to eat a pound of chicken set out for dinner–twice!

He loves to spend the day at Good Dog Day Care and knows exactly where we’re going when we turn from College Avenue onto 54th Street. We know he spends the day playing with his friends because he’s truly tuckered out when we get home. He finds the best place to sleep and we don’t hear or see him again until dinner, after which he naps until bedtime. On days he doesn’t go to Good Dog, we spend at least an hour at Broad Ripple Bark Park. He loves to play tug-of-war, get chased by his friends and wrestle. On wet, muddy days he comes home filthy, but clean-up isn’t bad; as long as someone stays close to his nose with treats, he’s fairly tolerant of being vacuumed. When it was unbearably hot last summer, we went to Williams Creek in Marott Park for some swimming lessons. We wouldn’t say he loves it, but he will chase a stick and paddle around a bit in the water.

As you can tell, we could go on, and on, and ON about Tebow! We spoil him rotten and love him to death, but he gives it all back tenfold. We hope you enjoy our pictures, including one of his first birthday, in the car, and his favorite way to sleep on the furniture — “flashing” everyone. If you want more, we have plenty! Thanks for taking great care of Tebow, and doting on him (almost) as much as we do. –The Andersons

Those of us at Good Dog would like to add that Tebow is just as charismatic in daycare as he sounds at home, and we love him dearly — not only for his good looks, but for his sweet personality and big heart.

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Grammy Anderson
March 25, 2012 at 11:09 PM

We just love our granddog and have enjoyed his visits to the mountains in North Georgia. He and his co-hort, our other granddog Bella, managed to push one of the gates open at Christmas and had a good run through the woods. They came willingly back to the car when found and with no discipline needed. We wish we could see him more often…what a sweet, big, lovable dog he is.

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