Meet Natasha!!

HI! My name is Natasha Dunkel!!

I’m a 7 month old Lab puppy and as you can see in my pictures I LOVE LIFE AND I LOVE TO SMILE!!

I’m what they call a “Newbie” at Good Dog Hotel & Spa. I’ve only been coming here for about 2 months.
At first, my dad would bring me for “Day-Boards”. Day-Boards is where you can stay in one of their luxurious Suites for a day! You get the 4 potty walks and plenty of loving and attention from the staff.

But when I turned 6 months old, I was old enough to get spayed and after that, I was ready to play in daycare!!! That’s when the REAL FUN began!!!

My first day in daycare was just this past Monday and I’ve made TONS OF FRIENDS since then!!! My BFF (that’s Best Friends Forever) is Reagan. Reagan is a German Shorthaired Pointer, she’s almost a year old, and she’s just my speed!! We rumble and tumble ALL DAY LONG!! We hit it off from day ONE and this whole week I played with her non-stop. I also like Lali; she’s a Weimaraner-Pit Mix. She and I like to play and run around too! Another one of my new friends is Kalibur. He’s a beautiful Collie. We became fast friends and this past week he’s showed me the ropes of Daycare!!

I look forward to the rest of this Summer and can’t wait to meet more friends at Good Dog’s Daycare!! Talk to you soon!!

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