Meet Nala!!

Hi Everyone!!

My name is Nala and sometimes my mommy calls me “Nala-Pie”!

I’m a “Doxi-Pom”. My mommy says I’m very pretty and I’ve heard some say that I look like a “little fox”. Below, are some pictures of me from when I was just a tiny baby all the way up until now!!

I’m writing today because this week is my BIRTHDAY WEEK!! I turned 1 years old this past Tuesday and I’ve been “partying” all week! My mommy gave me some Pup-Cakes to eat and I loved them!!! I even shared one with my big brother! I also wanted to add, that when I came to daycare on my birthday, my favorite human in daycare (Rebecca) sang “Happy Birthday” to me!!


My mommy works at Good Dog Hotel & Spa, so I come to Good Dog’s daycare very often! As a matter of fact, I’ve been coming here since I was just a tiny baby! I ABSOLUTELY love to play with my friends!! I always play in the small area and I pretty much run the show!! My very best friends are Ezra (a Puggle mix) and Lucy (she’s also a Dachshund mix). Lucy and I are like sisters, we kind of look alike and we’re both little princesses in charge of the “Little Dog Area”. Ezra is my favorite boy in the world. We wrestle and play all day long if you let us!! Besides playing with the dogs, I also love to sit on the employees’ lap. I love being pet and cuddled, it’s just the sweet nature of me!!


Every once in a while when my mommy goes out of town, she will board me and my brother here in the luxurious hotel! We always get the room with the TV and we LOVE IT! We stay up late and watch doggie-movies and we enjoy our room service very much! I simply love Good Dog, you could say: “It’s my second home”!!

Okay that’s all for now!! Come meet me in daycare! I love to play!!

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