Meet Milo McKinley!!

Hi Everyone!!
My name is Milo McKinley!!

I’m a very handsome Malti-Poo Boy of almost 2 years old! A Malti-Poo is a mix between a Maltese and a Poodle and I definitely got the best looks from both of those breeds

I’ve been coming to Good Dog Hotel & Spa since I was just a tiny puppy! I visit the Spa here regularly for my beauty treatment but my favorite place to be is in Daycare!!

My mom brings me several times a week and I LOVE IT!! I have plenty of friends; I’m a pretty popular guy! I like to play with Nala; she’s a Doxi-Pom, Bartholomew; he’s a Dachshund, and also Ezra & Flex; a Pug Mix and a Havanese.

When I get tired of playing, I like to sit up high! As you can see in my pictures, I like to sit on top of the “water cooler” or on top of “the slide”. From up there, I can observe the playground and even take a nap too!!

The staff also describes me as a “Cuddle-Bunny”!!! Sometimes, when I’m tired and I’ve already observed the playground from up above, I like to sit in the staff’s lap and be pet and cuddled. After all, I am a little guy and I love all the attention I can get!!

Well, that’s all for now!! Come see me in daycare!!

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