Meet Millie Welch!!


My name is Millie Welch!

I’m a Black Golden Doodle and I’m almost 2 years old. My mom says that my biological dad was a Golden Retriever and my biological mommy was a Chocolate Poodle!!!! I came out BLACK!!! This is because I’m very special and super pretty!!

If you see my pictures than you will see that I have “CUTE & SWEET” written all over my face! The staff at Good Dog thinks I am one of the sweetest and most well behaved dogs! I love to be pet and I know how to ask for attention in a very polite and lady-like way!

I’ve been coming to Good Dog since I was a pup. I visit occasionally for my much deserved “beauty-treatment” at their doggie-spa but most of the time I come for daycare!! My mom brings me by at least three or four times a week and I absolutely LOVE IT!!

I have a few “Doodle-Friends” in daycare but my best buddy is Merlin!! He’s a one year old cream & white Husky-Mix and we play all day!! I think that I am dazzled by his pretty blue eyes just as much as I like his personality. Sometimes when I walk out of daycare, my mom can see the light-colored hairs on me. Well those are Merlin’s hairs!! We romp around in daycare and have a wonderful time. Every day when I leave daycare and my mom picks me up I’m worn out and ready for a nap!!


I also wanted everyone to know that my favorite holiday is St. Patrick’s Day! I have a very pretty Green Clover Collar & a matching leash. I think there must be some Irish in my roots because every year on that day, I feel in my element!!

That’s all for now! I just spotted Merlin walking in the play-area so I have to go play now! See ya later!

Article Written by Veronique Brown

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