Meet Lily!


My name is Lily! I’m a little over 2 years old and I’m a Schnocker in the beautiful color of gold. My name is that of a stunning flower and I must admit, I am at least as pretty as a lilly! For those of you who wonder what a Schnocker might be: I am fortunate enough to have the great qualities of a Cocker Spaniel AND a Miniature Schnauzer. In the dog world I am called a hybrid dog. This means I am not just a mutt! No No! I’m waaaaaaaaaay more special than that, my lineage is known. I know who my mommy and daddy are!

Anyways, enough about my special breed and my gorgeous looks! I’ve been coming to Good Dog Hotel and Spa for almost a year now and I love it here! My mom brings me to daycare on a regular basis and you could say I am pretty playful. I like to play with the smaller dogs but I also have friends in the medium dog area. One of my favorite things to do is being cuddled by the staff. I love to get extra attention and give hugs & kisses. When my mom goes out of town, she brings me here to stay in their luxurious hotel. I enjoy my little vacations at Good Dog and sometimes my mom will add a spa-date for me too!! I really like it when the groomers give me baths and trim me up a little bit; it just makes me so much prettier than I already am on a regular day!

That’s enough for now, come visit me sometime at daycare, I would love to play with you!

Article Written by Veronique Brown!

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