Meet Kalibur Kressin!

My name is Kalibur Kressin!

My dad says I was named Kalibur because my parents are champion dogs and also because the name starts with a “K” like my last name (Kressin).

I’m what is called a “Rough Collie” or more famously known as “The Lassie Breed”. The exact origin of the name “Collie” is uncertain, although some say it may derive from the Scottish word for “coal” since many Collie-types are black or black-and-white.

But, as you can see in my portfolio of pictures, I am mostly white with some brown and a little bit of black. I love posing for pictures, I like to show off my stunning looks!! I think I should be on a catwalk!

I’ve been frequenting Good Dog Hotel & Spa since this past summer. I come in for grooming on a regular basis. It takes a lot of work to maintain my beautiful coat and to uphold my dazzling looks!!

My favorite thing at Good Dog is playing in daycare. My dad has been bringing me frequently and I have a lot of friends here. I always play with the big dogs because I am a big boy!
My friends are Clyde; a yellow lab, Dexter; he’s a Chesapeake Mix, Brutus; a Sheppard Mix and I also have a girlfriend!! Her name is Charlotte, she’s a very pretty Chocolate Lab and we play and roughhouse all the time!!!

I also like to play with the staff. I love it when they play fetch with me and give me lots of attention!!

That’s all for now! Come see me at daycare!!

Article written by Veronique Brown

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