Meet Juice!!

Hi Everyone!!!

My name is Juice!! I am a gorgeous Black English Lab of almost 3 years old. As you can see in my pictures I am SUPER HANDSOME and as you can imagine, very popular with the ladies at Good Dog! I’m sweet, well behaved, and very charming!

I’ve been coming to Good Dog Hotel & Spa for almost two years. I usually come in for daycare. You could call me a sociable dog; I have a few select friends that I like to hang out with. Dexter is an Airedale mix, he and I are buddies! We talk about the world’s problems occasionally and hangout on the sidelines as spectators of the other dogs.

I also have a “special-friend”. Her name is Chloe! Chloe is a gorgeous Black English Lab just like me. She’s a little over two years old and I think she is dazzling!! When Chloe started coming to daycare my life just brightened up!! She’s the female version of me!!! I have finally found my match!

My dad also brings me to Good Dog for my occasional baths in their luxurious spa. We both know that it is very important that I keep myself looking sharp! When my dad goes out of town, he also brings me here for the hotel. I enjoy staying here; I always get spoiled with lots of extra attention!

Some of you might wonder why my name is “Juice”. Well, my dad said that my breeder had already named me Juice and that he liked it, so he kept it. Here at Good Dog, people like to call me different things. The ladies at the front desk like to call me “Juice-Box” , I’ve heard some people call me “Juicy Fruit”, and sometimes my dad calls me “Juicer”. I like it all. I think that’s why the breeder named me “Juice”. Because people can make fun names with it and “Juice” is a happy name!!

That’s all for now!!! Come and see me at daycare!!

Article Written by Veronique Brown

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