Meet Gigi!

Hello everyone!

My name is Gigi! I actually have many names I go by, my full name is Giselle Madeleine, sometimes my Mom calls me Weiger or Butters, but most of the time I go by Gigi. I’m a very sassy 2-year-old French Bulldog! My mom got me in Ohio when I was just 12 weeks old.

I’ve been coming to Good Dog for about a year now. I come to daycare on a weekly basis, but I also LOVE to stay in the posh hotel suites. The hotel staff loves me … They say I’m the perfect guest. I always eat my food and never potty in my suite — after all, I’m a classy girl! And I have the biggest fluffiest bed ever, so when I curl up in it, the entire hotel staff smiles. Occasionally the front desk ladies will grab me from my room so we can play tug-of-war in the lobby. I love greeting people when they come in and letting all the dogs know they’re going to have a blast at Good Dog!

Now back to daycare — it might be my favorite thing ever, next to treats of course. I have quite the spunky attitude, so I get along well with all the dogs, bigs AND littles. (I’m told I know how to hold my own!) My best buds are Lucy (a Dachshund mix) and Ezra (a pug mix). We get along so well because they’re just as feisty as I am! With all that playing, I tend to get pretty tired and breathless, which then makes me snort. Most people think it’s adorable and say it reminds them of a baby pig, but hey it’s a Frenchie thing, I can’t help it!

Every so often, my parents treat me to a nice spa day. I love getting the Shed-X treatment! The groomers use a special shampoo and take an extra-long time brushing me with a special brush that feels soooo good! In between my big spa days, I get a little manicure here and there … I do love to look good!

When I’m not hanging out at Good Dog I love to take part in my very own “Frenchie 500” at home. For those of you not familiar, this is when you run as fast as possible all around the house in figure eights. After all that running I tend to get pretty tired, and when I do I love to curl up under the blankets or on someone’s lap. My Mom also just got married on July 9th so now I have a new Dad and I have to say he is a keeper!

ALL the staff at Good Dog adore me. I’m a small dog with a “big dog” attitude! Come see me anytime and I’ll show you everything I know about this place!

Ashley Dorocke
December 2, 2011 at 1:04 PM

This is SO cute!! The photos are great! Just love it!

Gigi’s Mom

December 2, 2011 at 6:15 PM

Stinkin adorable!!!

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