Meet Eddie Call!!

My name is Eddie.
Eddie Call to be exact!

I am a handsome grey and white Shih Tzu about 6 ½ years old. I have the most expressive little face and my “little black eyes” will melt your soul!! My ears are long and fuzzy and they make my little face even cuter!!

My breed originated in China and the word “Shih Tzu” literally means “Lion Dog”. So, secretly I am King of the Dogs!! We were named “Lion Dog” because we were bred to resemble the Chinese Guardian Lions.

But here at Good Dog, the rumor is that I’m related to the Ewoks from the Star Wars films. In the movie, they are a species of teddy-bear-like hunter-gatherers that live in the forest. I personally like to be associated with both of these creatures but I’m taking votes of the public.

Who do you think I resemble most?
(Voting is highly encouraged in our comment section) 🙂

Okay, enough about my delightful looks! Let’s talk about my history at Good Dog Hotel & Spa. I’ve been coming here for almost 4 years. I used to come in for boarding but lately I spent most of my time in daycare. Occasionally my mom will also bring me in for a groom so I can get my pretty locks trimmed.

I am a very popular boy in daycare. I usually play in the small area and one of my best buddies is my fellow Ewok-friend, Chipper. Chipper is also a handsome Shih Tzu. When Chipper and I are in daycare, we rule the place!! We have several girlfriends that we like to play with: Nala; she is a very cute Pomeranian-Dachshund puppy, Pinky; a Fox Terrier pup, and Sasha & Lucy are both beautiful Westies. My best girlfriend though, is Bailey Meshberger. She’s a middle aged Beagle and we go way back. She also lives next door to me, so we see each other very often!! My next favorite thing, is to be cuddled by the staff and occasionally I also play fetch with the toys in daycare! I love coming to Good Dog and I can’t wait to see you there!

Article Written by Veronique Brown

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January 28, 2011 at 7:44 PM

I am Eddie’s Grandfather, and just want everyone to know he is the “BEST” and does love Bailey and the day care.

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